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TRUE XC Black Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Intermediate

TRUE XC Black Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Intermediate

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US$ 89.97
58 Flex
MC TC2.5

TRUE has partnered with Pure Hockey to bring you an exclusive release that can only be found at Pure Hockey. The TRUE XC-Black hockey stick features high-end technologies that will be appreciated by any player regardless what their skill levels are. True has seriously dedicated time and effort into enhancing the 2019 X-Series sticks and the XC-Black is no different. The X-Series has patented technologies enjoyed by the pros and these features can be seen throughout the X-Series line as well as in this new model. 

  • Unique and exclusive Blacked-Out graphic
  • XCORE Gen 2 for increased control and accuracy
  • BRT+ for excellent blade durability
  • Axenic technology for a greater feel
  • SmartPly for increased shaft durability

The XC-Black sits at the lower end of the TRUE stick price spectrum. Even at this price point, this stick still utilizes several of TRUE’s high-end technologies found in their elite level sticks. One of these technologies is the XCORE Gen 2, a highlighted point X-Series in 2019. XCORE Gen 2 is an innovative insert in the heel of the blade that creates a massive sweet spot. In fact, the sweet spot is now three times larger than its predecessor, promoting greater puck spin and a better trajectory to give you powerful, accurate shots. While the stick offers optimal power, Gen 2 also provides increased absorption, allowing for greater dampening of puck impacts from hard passes. This gives you greater puck control up and down the ice whether you are shooting, passing or stickhandling. 

Along with the Gen 2 technology, the XC-Black also features BRT+, another technology that is found on the top of the line XC9 model. BRT+ is a patented technology incorporated into the blade promoting a stronger yet lighter blade with increased heel durability. The upgraded blade makes it easy for you to fire all the shots in your arsenal with confidence. 

Moving from the blade up the shaft, TRUE has utilized their Axenic Technology. This patented technology creates a true one-piece stick design. Axenic Technology results in the stick feeling like an extension of your hands. This combined with TRUE’s other top-of-the-line technology XCORE Gen 2, will enhance your control and overall feel, perfect for making crisp passes and handling the puck on a rush. 

The XC-Black is a balanced, lightweight but durable stick because of SmartPly technology. SmartPly optimizes the order of fiber angles to create up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in the shaft. The technology helps achieve an ideal weight, balance and durability. The shaft features a mid-kick point, good for players looking to optimize their shot power.

A major emphasis for TRUE in the X-Series is Swing Weight. This is not directly related to the weight of the stick, but rather how the weight feels during play. Their focus on this idea has produced an entire line of hockey sticks that prove to be stronger and more balanced with uncompromised power, thanks to the enhanced weight distribution. The Senior model of the XC-Black has a weight of 495 grams with a Swing Weight of 685 grams. While this Swing Weight is heavier than The XC9 and XC7 models (630 grams and 655 grams, respectively), it still proves to have an excellent weight distribution for its price point. 

The Pure Hockey exclusive XC-Black fits nicely into TRUE’s X-Series and the stick is all about accuracy, control and feel. Innovations off the previous generation and benefits that can be found throughout the XCORE line make the XC-Black a very valuable stick at this price point. Whether you’re a high-level player searching the market for an affordable mid-kick option, or a performance-level or beginner level player looking for a high-quality stick with many top technologies, the Pure Hockey exclusive TRUE XC-Black has all the features you’re looking for.

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